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Brownsburg Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project  
Scope: Installation of new lift station and 3,500 LF of 10” and 6,000 LF of 16” open -cut sanitary sewer force mains which included drilled crossing section under I-74.
Noblesville CSO Long Term Control Plan Phase 5
Scope: Construction included 36” PVC relief sewer, 24” RCP combined sewer overflow, pipe bursting of 12” combined sewer, CIPP Lining, 12”-24” RCP Storm Sewers and poured-in-place diversion structure.
Clinton County Division A Wastewater Collection Improvements
Scope: Construction included 11,140 LF of PVC pipe ranging from 8”-24”, 19,800 LF of 6”-12” PVC open cut force main, 1,570 LF of 6”-12” PVC pipe via HDD which included county roads and Lick Creek, 430 LF of 30” casing pipe via jack and bore, 295 LF of HDPE force main via jack and bore and new valves and vaults for dual 6”/8” and 8”/12” force mains.
Delaware County DCRWD Collection System Improvements
Scope: Construction included replacement of existing lift station pumps, replacement of existing21” interceptor with approximately 3,311 LF of new 60” Interceptor and modifications to wet well.
Delaware County
Elwood Interceptor Sewer Contract, Contract 2, Phase 2
Scope: Construction included 1,200 LF of 72” wet weather interceptor sewer, Connection of 240 LF of 36” sewer to various existing sewers and a triple barrel inverted siphon crossing of Big Duck Creek.
Cumberland Sanitary Sewer
Scope: Construction consisted of 4,051 LF of 30 ft deep, 15” sanitary sewer. 
Tipton Phase 3 Interceptor
Scope: Construction included s installing a new wet weather interceptor sewer, completing modifications to existing combined sewer overflow diversion structures, outfall structures, installing utility creek crossings using open cut construction methods, construction of new outfall structures, and rehabilitation of existing interceptor sewer.
Logansport Melbourne Avenue
Scope: Construction included wet weather storage system (120") sewer piping to store we weather volumes in existing collection system) and a new pumping station (24 MGD).
Eaton Division B Collection Improvements
Scope: Construction included separation of the existing combined sewer collection system, new sanitary sewer, manholes, catch basins, storm outfalls, grinder pump station and force main, disconnection and reconnection of existing laterals to the new sewer.
US 50 Southeast Sanitary Sewer
Scope: Construction included new regional lift station complete with cast in place Structures, control building, standby generator and related site improvements. Approximately 18,000 LF of 8”-36” gravity sewer and approximately 16,000 LF of 20” force main.
US 50
Lafayette Sagamore Winds
Scope: Site work, utilities, earthwork, and erosion controls for four, 26 unit buildings: five, 18 unit buildings; five, 10 one bedroom unit buildings and two, 10 two bedroom unit buildings.
Sagamore Winds
Fishers Slate-USA Parkway
Scope: Site work, utilities, earthwork and erosion controls for 242-unit multi-family project consisting of 74, 2-unit single story cottages; 27, 2 unit 2 story cottages; eight, 5-plex townhomes; 80 attached garages; and 18 detached garage buildings.
Greenwood The Madison
Scope: Site work, earthwork, utilities, and erosion controls for a mixed use development with four and five story multifamily buildings, parking garage including 295 apartments, 8 condos, clubhouse, 385 parking spaces and retail spaces.
West Lafayette State Street Redevelopment
Scope: Earthwork and underground utilities for a ‘Complete Street’ reconstruction emphasizing pedestrian, bicycle, and mass transit in addition to vehicular travel. Key highlights included reduction in vehicular travel lanes, a separate urban bikeway corridor, enhanced sidewalks, pedestrian gathering areas and safety improvements.
West Lafayette
Speedway Founders Square
Scope: Site work, earthwork, utilities, and erosion controls for the development of the properties located at the northwest corner of Crawfordsville Rd. and High School Rd. containing approximately 25.561 acres. 
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